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Feb 1, 2017

Episode Summary:

Today we’re chatting with Judy Tsuei.  Judy Tsuei moved from Kauai in Hawaii to pursue van-living with her little `ohana (family) and she's the proud mama of an almost 2-year old named Wilder Love Fox. Along the way, she authored a highly reviewed book, “Meditations for Mamas: You Deserve to Feel Good,” and offers nurturing coaching programs to empower new mamas to thrive in their bodies, relationships, and identities throughout the 4th Trimester and beyond.

Our show today is all about finding yourself again after becoming a parent, and we dive specifically into the challenges and struggles that can come up for moms during that postpartum phase of parenthood.  Judy is an expert on helping new moms integrate who they used to be before having kids into who they are becoming after they have a new baby.  She has some wonderfully deep and practical advice for you moms out there who really feel like you’ve given up who you are now that you’re a mom (even if your kids are older now). 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • You’ll hear a very honest and vulnerable account of our guest’s journey into parenthood, including her struggles with postpartum depression, finding her own identity after a lifetime of being on her own, and how she was able to grow through the transition.
  • We talk about how our relationships can change with others when we become parents.
  • And you’ll learn how you can take care of yourself and touch base with who you really are when so much in your life feels new and different. 


Show Notes:

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