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The Working Parent Resource is a place where we have thoughtful discussions, share personal stories, and provide practical advice for ambitious working parents who actually want to enjoy being a working parent. Every week we tackle a brand new topic related to working parenthood to help you overcome your biggest obstacles, reach new insights, and make important changes in your life. Topics will include time management and life balance, marriage and relationships, child development and parenting tools, self care, mindfulness, and a whole lot more! Come join us!
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Jan 18, 2017

Episode Summary:

Today we’re chatting with Suzanne Brown.  Suzanne is a full-time mom to 2 young boys, wife, part-time business and marketing strategy consultant, writer, and avid international traveler. She helps businesses understand how marketing can help their bottom line and helps them work better with their marketing agencies.

Before focusing on her own business endeavors about 4 years ago, Suzanne worked at various large marketing agencies in Austin, New York, Miami, Chicago and San Antonio. Suzanne has more than 15 years of experience managing and developing integrated marketing campaigns and projects for primarily Fortune 500 companies.

In mid-2013, in addition to her consulting work, Suzanne started researching for her book, “Mompowerment: Insights from Successful Professional Part-time Working Moms who Balance Career & Family,” to share advice and insights from over 100 part-time working moms. She also just gave a talk at TEDx SMU Women.

Suzanne received her MBA in marketing and a BBA in Finance from the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas - Austin. She also holds a BA in Spanish from UT Austin.

Suzanne and her family live in Austin, Texas.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How modern professionals are getting creative to design work arrangements that provide the flexibility, space, and freedom they’ve been craving.
  • You’ll hear about the interviews Suzanne has conducted with over a hundred working moms (and counting!) about how they created their own part-time and flexible work situations without having to take a step back in their careers. She describes the amazing variety of solutions other working moms have used to create more time for their families and themselves.
  • You’ll receive some tips you can use to begin to craft your own part-time schedule, even if you work for a demanding company, and even if no one else in your organization is doing it.
  • You’ll also hear the broader social shifts that are occurring across the U.S. that we hope will support companies to adapt to working family needs so we can keep talented working parents in the workplace. 


Show Notes:  Episode WPR003

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